Orchestra Key Cutting Machine

AT Security is the inventor of the universal key cutting machine Orchestra.


The last Key Cutting Machine you’ll ever need!

ORCHESTRA is a government-only All-In-One computerized key cutting machine that allows creating complex blanks and cutting all sorts of keys including patented models, undercut blanks, angled keys…

It includes a database of several thousands key profiles (regular, dimple, laser track) to create blanks based on the Blank Reference if known. Unknown profiles can be created in a matter of seconds with the included software.

Thanks to an all-in-one page menu, the user is able to create new cards for new lock systems very easily, allowing for the best versatility.

Compatible key models:

  • Regular keys
  • Dimple keys (Flat, Edge and Angled cuts)
  • Laser keys (such as Regular+Laser or Dimple+Laser)
  • Lever lock keys (Simple and Double bitted)
  • Pump keys (tubular)
  • Disk keys
  • More specific models

Contact us to request our brochure or a demo for the Orchestra Key Cutting Machine by ATSecurity.