ATS is lead by Alexandre Triffault, operational trainer since 2009 in Non Destructive Entry techniques (NDE) and Covert Methods of Entry (CMoE).

The ATS company is specialized in training and supplying opening tools for governments. ATS company also offers various services related to locksmithing and physical security for companies and administrations.




2010 : MBA Economic and Management (Master’s thesis « How to protect against industrial espionage »)

2011-2013 : Trainings “Elements of locks” by Peter Field

2017 : University Diploma in Criminalistics (University of Paris Descartes by the Gendarmerie Forensic Police experts (IRCGN) and forensic experts)


Professional experience:

Since 2009 – AT Security

  • Security consultant (NDE trainings + counter espionage)
  • Trainer for Gendarmerie/IRCGN
  • Lecturer in physical security
  • Teacher in various Computer security MBAs (Schools and Universities)
  • Forensic expertise

2009 – 2013 Mesclefs.com

  • Chief Technology Officer CTO (masterkey systems creation)
  • Key account manager

2013 – 2018 Ouverture-Fine.Com – Founder of OFC Sarl

  • Security consultant (NDE trainings + counter espionage)
  • Trainer for Police/Gendarmerie and Locksmiths
  • Design and manufacturing of advanced opening tools
  • Software creation (OFC3DKEY V1 and OFC3DKEYV2)
  • Physical security audit on banks
  • Forensic expertise


Non profit organizations related to physical security:

ATECOF : French Safe Openers Organization (Member)
FFS : French Locksmithing Federation (Founding Member)
ACF : Lockpicking Organization of France (Member)
ALOA : Associated Locksmiths Of America (Member)
TOOOL : The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (Member)
IAIL : International Association of Investigative Locksmiths (Member)
FIOPS : Forensic Institute Of Physical Security (Founding Member)


Nota Bene : these email addresses alexandre@ouverturefine.com and alexandre@ouverture-fine.com are no longer active. Please now contact me on contact[@]ats1851.com